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Review by moolatycoon on Tuesday, July 15th 2014
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AQUA RESCUE is a game created by kingoffangdams

Hello everyone and welcome back to one of my reviews- which I might add I haven't done in a very long time, mostly because my game playing talent is so poor that I aren't able to get far enough into games or I'm just not invested enough in most of the bland gameplay that comes out today that I am not content to press forward. Fortunately aqua rescue was different. It wasn't a good game, by any standards, oh god no, but at least it wasn't ball bustingly hard ala most ppg games-most games out there. Lets jump to the review where I get to rip this game to shreds :D


Technically I guess the game shows you what it tells you its supposed to. You get the water effect, some moving fish (who I might add are on npc tracks that aren't hidden in any fashion) some rocks, and a few pieces of coral. I mean I guess its nice. Does anyone remember Jungle Joe or whatever it was called? It was one of few excruciating ppg games I pushed through. THAT had amazing scenery, the levels in Aqua Rescue just seemed kind of lazily decorated. There are fish everywhere, and squid things, but they don't do anything, you can see their npc paths, And they really don't add anything to the game. At first I thought they were enemies, seriously there are buttloads of those goofy things, yet as far as enemies go in the game, there are like 10. The game looked OKAY I guess but considering whats out there, I think the scenery could have had a lot more love and could have looked a lot nicer, hell it could have saved it all together. Most of the editors that feature games on the site are bleepers for good scenery.


Backtracking. Thats what you do in this game, except its not well done. All you do is swim around in a machine and touch 'submarines' underwater, but really the for the first 3-4 levels of this game all I had to do was hit down to the bottom, hit one objective, and then hit up to get back to the surface. It took no skill to avoid the enemies-which were few and far between, and I sure as hell wasn't looking at the scenery that barely existed. I would have finished the game quicker had it not been for the fact that the submarine was so clunky. Then you get to level 7 and the clunky now has to be redefined. First off, the character you play as, instead of an admittedly cool looking submarine, is just a goofy guy, who is somehow bigger than his SHARK RESISTANT SUBMARINE. We went from machine that repels shark to goofy kid that doesn't know how to swim. Seriously, if you touch anything on level seven your character just spins into an awkward position. I found myself finishing the level upside down, that's quite unfortunate.

Level Design

I'm not quite sure that there was really much thought to the layout of the levels in this game lolol. It was mostly just; sink to the bottom, float to the top, avoid predictable shark. Next level pls. Towards the end of the game he did through in a few cave levels but they were simply linear paths that didn't offer a whole lot much more variety than their earlier brethren. I got so bored I made it a personal challenge to avoid the fish ;-; Either way, there were no puzzles, which is fine I guess, but if your game doesn't offer anything else, which is doesn't, that is an issue. There is no gameplay element involved with the level design. There is nothing that makes this game stand out amongst others like it, and some of the other games that offer the same style like this outshine Aqua Rescue in other elements. This game offers nothing I can't get elsewhere that is better and for that reason I was disappointed. I am also given no story as to why I am saving these submarines. Why are they there in the first place? Why is it my job to save them? Who hired incompetent enough pilots to get stuck under the water in a freaking cave that you enter from the side?!? None of this is answered in Aqua Rescue, hell I don't even know who I am rescuing.


Gameplay: _.5/_____
Scenery: __/_____
Level Design: _/_____
Concepts: _.5/_____
Enemy/Challenge: _/_____
Overall: _/5/_____


This game is not good, and if it weren't EGD I would unfeature it, but I won't be the buzzkill today as I prolly have already made a few people cry during the murder that was my review- I could have been much more harsh.

Look out for future reviews as I tear apart more EGD Games :D


AQUA RESCUE Reviewed by moolatycoon on Tuesday, July 15th 2014. Aqua Rescue...? - A game review written by moolatycoon for the game 'AQUA RESCUE' by kingoffangdams. Rating: 1