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Review by moolatycoon on Tuesday, July 15th 2014
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Armored Warfare is a game created by netshark

Hey everybody welcome back to my next EGD review on Netsharks 'Armored Warfare'. To be honest I quite enjoyed what this game had to offer. It was relatively creative and it kept me on my toes, but it did have a bunch of flaws I will make sure to alert you readers about. Netshark has always been able to provide us with games that are good, or what I like to call ordinary feature standards. Nothing particularly special but still fun. Lets get to review and bash this game there yes?


I'm never quite sure what I'm looking at when I'm in an environment of Armored Warfare. Am I in a street? Am I in a field? Well I don't know because everything is grey. What I DO know however is that I am in a ROCKET LAUNCHING TANK, and that is freaking awesome. All of the graphics in this game look nice (despite some of them being stolen by liam) and that kind of makes up for the lack- nay, nonexistence of scenery. What also is a nice feature is a side bar sort of thing that shows me my health, and the enemy health. That is one thing I did like a lot about the Presentation. You were able to look at how much health you, and the enemy, had. There was also information on the side bar and such. All of the bosses (while admittedly frustrating)looked pretty sweet as well. Did I mention you are in a ROCKET LAUNCHING TANK? I remember getting hyped with making the concept of tank battling long ago but then realizing I had no freaking clue how to use the ppg creator. Netshark also kept adding in new enemies, who, while not really bringing anything new to the table, looked cooler than the last. The presentation could have been helped more if Net added at least the slightest bit of scenery though, because tanks are only so cool for so long...okay what am I saying, the tanks were pretty sweet.


Don't get screwed by your own missiles. That is a phrase I told myself over and over again. Anyways, the game is basically shooting and dodging missiles. You had generally 3-5 hits before you went down, but the issue was that the stages you fought enemy tanks in were way to small, I'll get to that later. Anyways, you maneuver around walls (that are just there for some reason btw)in order to avoid enemy fire. Again, scenery would have helped to explain those walls.[Poorly constructed sentence alert] You can blow them up with missiles which is always fun but if this was maybe a city and some guy in a tank is blowing up my walls just so they can blow someone else up, then I would be pretty bleeped. Another explosion related thing I never got relates to the non tank enemies in this game, people. Somehow all of the people in this game have guns that fire rockets as well. .-. What makes people annoying however is that you cannot kill them with your own rockets. You have to use bullets. Nah...nah, obviously rockets that are capable of blowing up armored tanks aren't capable of exploding flesh. I have to hit the spacebar (while being fired on) and basically leave myself vulnerable. Y u do dis?!? This is especially annoying on level 3. Speaking of level 3, do you love cheap boss fights? Thats what you get there. You are placed in a small arena while constantly under fire by a helicopter and two rocket launching people. The people are in the back corners meaning you have to dodge all of the rockets and then use your gun, which I might add doesn't deflect rockets, just to shoot the two annoying dudes. I spent about 12 minutes on this fight ;-; The issue was that the helicopter (the main boss who took 100 hits) kept flying into me, meaning that he would fire every so often and I wasn't able to block because he was literally on top of me. I would get stuck in the corner unable to do anything. Fun times. This fight was harder than the laughably easy final boss. The rest of the game, aside from that cursed helichopter, was relatively easy. While it started off fun, as I said earlier, net didn't really introduce anything new. Sure there were new enemies that had more health, but all of the gameplay mechanics were present from lv2. Aside from that one boss fight there was nothing particularly challenging about this game, or anything fun really. It just got repetitive eventually, so I guess you could say this game was fun until it wasn't.

Level Design

All levels look basically the same aside from wall and enemy placement. The walls were a nice buffer preventing the game from being cheap, but other than that there was no real placement or other structures that made me think, but thats okay because this game had enough action to it I guess. I would go more in depth but really these levels are more dully designed than the ones in Aqua Rescue, the gameplay makes up for it I guess.


Gameplay: ___.5/_____
Scenery: __/_____
Level Design: _/_____
Concepts: ____/_____
Enemy/Challenge: ___/_____
Overall: ___/_____


A good idea buffered by a lack of diversity. Feature worthy but nothing spectacular. Good job net, could have been a lot worse.


Armored Warfare Reviewed by moolatycoon on Tuesday, July 15th 2014. Armored Whyfare - A game review written by moolatycoon for the game 'Armored Warfare' by netshark. Rating: 3