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By nacnamles :: Tuesday March 5th, 2013

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First game: PAC-MAN in: Dot or Not 2 Second game: ROLLER COASTER PARK Third game: Jump Man's PUB But what is Jump Man's PUB? It's like the game 'Tapper' for the ARCADE but you're playing as jump Man. It's also a bit like the creepy story (CS) 'Mister Mix' Where in the first level 10 words appear, in the second 25 words in the third 85 in the fourth 150 (I guess...) And in the fitht 500 words in ONE MINUTE! Sooo the game Jump Man's PUB will be a very long game but there'll be then much more awards to give away :D Roller coaster PARK is a game like the Roller Coaster game for the sony erricson K550i or K800i where you are in difrent continents and try to make the customers as happy as you can. And PAC-MAN in: Dot or Not 2 is the second part of the first PAC-MAN game I've created. So what happened after he stopped the blue ghost blowing up his own factory? So you'll choose which of the 3 games I shall make. ;)


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