Jumpmans PUB

By nacnamles :: Tuesday October 17th, 2017

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Hello my dear friends, fans, or whatever you'd like to be: I'm going to introduce you my new masterpiece JUMPMAN'S PUB! It's a simple and easy game, throw drinks at customers, but be sure to throw it on the tables. With the earned money your PUB gets better and more and more waves of customers are runnig through the doors to have a beer, so you gotta be quick! This great game contains 6 levels but watch out: The first level is fine, the second is okay, but it gets more and mooore intense, maybe almost impossible to complete, but I tested it myself while I was at the creator, it IS possible, you just gotta know where the customers are coming from. If there are any wrong things, like to many bottles for a level or something, let me know. If you liked it please leave a comment below or just send me a friend request to help me out. Very thanks, you're the best community I've ever seen. Without you this game wouldn't been made. Thanks ;) By the way, the first one who gets past the last level gets an award. Good luck, mates!

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