American Ninja Warrior Stage 3and4

By nadirahthedog :: Saturday September 30th, 2017

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Can You climb Mount Midoriyama? Its stage three, in the season nine las vegas finals, and if you can beat it, you will face stage four, which is the ascent of mount midoriyama. But in order to tackle stage three, you must succeed in completing 7 vicious obstacles. First, the floating boards. Next, the key lock hang. If you can beat that, you will face the Ultimate Cliffhanger. After that, you must face the sadistic curved body prop. If your muscles haven't given out yet, you will face off with the time bomb. If you do not collapse, you will face the peg cloud. If you can survive that, you have completed stage three. But then you will face stage four, which you must climb a rope 30M into the air. Then you can press the buzzer, for your one million dollars, and the title American Ninja Warrior.


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