Under Water Rage The Maze of Death

By neal :: Friday August 14th, 2009

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Where am I? It’s so dark. Wait, I’m under water. How am I breathing? I screamed “Is anyone there!?” No answer, just the echo of my voice. I began to swim up, still very dark and cold. I shouted again “Hello? Anyone there?” No answer. Something moved on my left, I saw a dark shadow in the corner of my eye. I looked there, and there was nothing. So I just kept swimming up. My stomach started to hurt, I thought it was just some cramp, and kept swimming. I heard some more noises, very strange noises, that didn’t sound like it came from a human. It was the very low moaning. Kind of like something you would hear in those scary movies. I looked up, and saw this dark shadow, my heart skipped a beat. The shadow came csplode and csplode, until it was 5 feet away from me. I was just about to hit it with my fist when it said “stop”. “I am here to help you” the figure said. I was still shaking but began to come down. “Where am I?”. “You’re in a facility called under water rage, miles and miles of open water” said the figure. My stomach started to hurt more. “But how did I get here? And how am I able to breathe here?” “There’s this testing zone in area 51, there trying to make a formula to give gills to humans, they capture people like us and test it on us. Almost every single test failed, and the people turn into hideous monsters. They put us in here so we don’t scare anyone in the real world. When the test fails, they also erase all are memory. ” he said. “But how come your still alive and you remember all that?” I said. My stomach started to hurt even more. “It’s because I’m not alive, I’m the spirit of this place” he said. I couldn’t take the pain anymore. “What’s happening to me?!” I said. “You’re the only test that worked, but you will die if you don’t get the antidote”. “Where’s the antidote!?” I screamed. “To get it you will have to pass all 3 obstacles, The maze of death, The lost traps, and The long run. Right now your in the maze of doom, I will try to help you as much as possible, I will meet you in the lost trap”. Then he vanished. –To be continued-


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