By netshark :: Friday July 6th, 2012

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As a young boy, and a beloved king you always enjoyed venturing from home to unique, and amazing places, until one day you stumble upon an ancient cave that seemed just like any other, but you soon find out that the secrets held much more then you ever thought. Your worst nightmare is about to un-fold as you speak. An ancient army was planning an invasion on your castle you establish, and reek havoc upon your people, and steal your most prized objects.. The Prophecy Crystals. Without the crystals your kingdom is dead.. Forgetting your fears, you must take a adventure across the world to save you, and your kingdom. Venture through amazing places with unique scenery, and fight to save your kingdom. Can you retrieve the prophecy crystals? Will you be the hero that no man would be..? {If you guys need any help with the game just ask, and please leave a comment about the game, and please enjoy!}


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