SuperSploderGuy421 1 The Greenies

By never2l8 :: Monday October 24th, 2016

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Help SuperSploderGuy421 stop the evil lord Netrarious before all of his world is taken over! Chapter 1 - The Greenies Coming Soon: Chapter 2 - Krazy Kliff Credits Director: Never2L8 Producer: Selja Hau Executive Producer: Never2L8 Lead Development: John Lumber Assistant Developers: Tony Guz Dinka Ni Oi Tay Tay Peter Wick and Never2L8 Never2L8 Team Leader: Never2L8 Assistant Leader: Magusta T. Godlee Tester: Jórnes Wilson Executive Tester: Oi Tay Tay Artwork Graphic Designers: Never2L8 acetile monkeymiles searchgame bluelinn ngrohde pewdiekids1 Executive Graphic Designer: Never2L8 Thanks Thanks to: Acetile Games Sploder Tim Maloney (???) Special Thanks to: I, Me, Myself! (c)Never2L8 Games 2016 SuperSploderGuy421, Netrarious, and all other related characters, titles, and logos are a registered trademark of Never2L8 Games Inc. All rights reserved.


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