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By nincada :: Saturday April 22nd, 2017

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So, this game story hybrid is open to suggestions from EVERYONE, as I want to include everyone. Everyone who wants to be a character can be as long as you have a public sprite of your avatar, if you have a sprite that looks like an avatar (Cube) I can use that as well. Comment all your ideas and character description (The more detailed the less I make up for you!) below. Here are my recommended categories: Name: (Your Username) Side: (Good, Bad or Custom Factions and Freelancers(Only a few of these) and neutral innocents) Fighting style: (Close-Up, ranged etc.) Personality: (Only really if you are a main or semi main character) Faction Rank: (EG: Minion, Squad leader, second in command. (ONE GOOD AND BAD BOSS EACH) Importance: (EG: Main character, side character and background characters(NEED THESE) You don't have to be have a high faction rank to be important!) Mortality:(Can die or cannot. NOT EVERYONE CAN BE INVINCIBLE!) Anything else you want else you want to add! Sadly not everyone can be invincible leaders... Minions and small bosses are VERY important! Active participation through the chapters will be rewarded! Any other questions just ask. Please tell others who might be interested, I am very small splodarian!


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