Snow Critter

By nitrogendioxide :: Saturday May 25th, 2013

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Hello, and welcome. Despite my very, very poor writing in this game, I'm happy that the original storyline remains for nostalgic purposes. Please enjoy Snow Critter, an almost-featured (dammit :P) game created in the early stages of the PPGM! -20/9/14 | "I need you," King Icicle said, majesticly infront of me. "To deliver this purple crystal to my friend," King Icicle paused. "The Crimson Dragon." "I know you are just a little Snow Critter, but i know you can do it." "Don't let the crystal touch the ground, or it will explode everything." "Have this IceBall Blaster, just in case the Crimson Dragon attacks you." "Only use it in times of emergencies." I knew nothing was to lose, and everything to gain. Anyway, i would never refuse to the king. "Sure, your majesty.." "Ok, awesome!" The King replied back. "Oh, and i almost forgot, heres your transmitter, which enables me speaking to you every now and then. Well, off you go, brave one!"


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