Kingdom of Darkness

By noahsue :: Saturday January 16th, 2010

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you are the bravest soul in the town of green heart.You must marry the princess but the king has one last mission for you go to the dark forests of nelms and fight the ogres then you will be at the kingdom of darkness where the killers and the people who were to bad to be hangged it was gaurded but the two people ganzaro and filsito have made havic in the prison.You start off in the dark forest you hear noises saying turn...back! turn...back you feel chills go up your back but you still go on you took the wrong turn!and landed into the home of the fierce ogres you try tip toeing away but they notice the baldes of grass move!youve been seen you get out your sword and try stabbing the ogres 6 times by your tenth try they are all dead so you hop back on your horse and ride to the kingdom when you got there it was pitch black you still walk in they are watching your every move you see one coming towards you!you slice his neck off!then when you get deeper there were gangs that you must defeat you have killed every living thing in the kingdom but the two villians who started run threw the halls while you see the dead bodys of your friends then you get in the room with the two standing there you run upthey bpth stab wake up they have forgotten about you so you slowly get up and slice them into 2.You return to the village and marry the queen and become king of the land!......


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