The One - Escape

By obeliskos :: Monday April 29th, 2013

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After breaking out of the all-white room, Sean finds himself not outside, but still in the building. He broke out of the first floor (the all-white room) and is now in the basement, according to his fixed radar, which couldn't get reception in the first floor for some reason. He looks around, still clutching the enemy documents. The USAAA hasn't even bothered to try locating him yet. He was given no outside help. No matter what the circumstances, it would stay a solo mission. And he would stay The One. ----- The pace of these games is surprisingly fast, but I hope the quality is still intact. I kinda went back to The One's formula and added in some frustrating bits. Back to square one: Play the game over and over until you have the perfect strategy. Good luck! -Obeliskos


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