The One

By obeliskos :: Thursday February 12th, 2009

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... A lone soldier on the field of battle. A man going against all odds alone. This is the story of Sean Cannecky, a young man with a troubled childhood, who, after dropping out of school, became a soldier in the USAAA - The United Social Assembly Across Asteroids, a government army made to unite all willing -- and nonwilling -- soldiers, no matter where they may hail. Sean finds himself tossed right into battle only days after he joins. To his dismay, it's a solo mission. Clearly, they didn't give willing soldiers any special treatment from the drafted ones. Sean was given two things: a briefing document and a small arsenal of weapons. The briefing didn't hold any useful information, really. It didn't reveal information of the enemy, the environment, or the purpose of the mission. "Get in, take the enemy documents, and get out." What had Sean gotten himself into?... ----- This game is a break from The Chaos Chronicles. No, I'm not stopping that series, I'm just making a little thing here. An attempt to make a long game, in case you didn't notice, but I'll leave it up to you to decide if I accomplished that or not. I'm personally satisfied with how this turned out. Whether you like it or not, thanks for playing anyway! -Obeliskos


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