By obeliskos :: Monday April 29th, 2013

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You can also play this game here: ----- Ever wake up one day a feel like you're nowhere? You feel nothing.. you see nothing.. you hear nothing... You feel like you're floating in a void.. blank nothingness... You feel like you're in a dream... like reality is a mile away... suddenly, you wake up, free of the nightmare. But was it really just that? Just a nightmare? Was that a sign? Sure, you're back in your room, cozy in your bed. But there is still an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Like something is going to happen... something is amiss. You can't think straight... You tumble out of your bed, just trying to shake off this disturbing feeling. But.. you're wobbling around. You assume you're just tired, but.. no.. it's something else.. Maybe it has something to do with this recurring feeling? Whatever the case, you just want to go about the day before you lose your mind. But you figure... that's already happened... You try to continue living your life and the next few days start like this, so you start to get used to it. But there came a night when you didn't wake... you were stuck in the nightmare. The nightmare you've been living these past few days is your new reality. No longer a state of mind. You're living Hell.


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