Challenge Fight Colossal Emperor

By octazooka :: Friday June 24th, 2016

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Okay, so this jetpack will stop you from crashing into Remember if you need to refuel, you've always got those extra lives. Now that I've got the skydiving tutorial out of the way, welcome to the 9th instalment of my challenge fight series. This has never been more serious! You are up against a soul of a bloodthirsty warlord imbued into his own fortress. It's on a course to Sploderville! If it isn't stopped it'll tear Sploderville apart! Destroy his negative brainwave crystals in his head to stop this colossal clod! I've given you extra lives so if you get K.Od, then you'll respawn right back at the helicopter. We've bought 2 magic stones to magic up barriers to prevent falling off the gargantuan beast. But hey, that's also what your jetpack is for. Good luck and may our lord geoff protect you.


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