By oggie77 :: Sunday January 16th, 2011

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On September 23rd the rainy season was nearing its end and I was to fly my first combat mission in Vietnam; a gunner on a CH21 helicopter. I was stationed in Hawaii, but had volunteered to be a part of Shotgun Three, a 25th Infantry Division secret program designed to assist the besieged nation of South Vietnam. It was our job to ferry Soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (Arvin’s) into and out of battle and I was their protection. We were the first American Troops authorized to fire on the enemy in that long and difficult war. I rode shotgun on the stagecoach of the twentieth century; the helicopter. I’m as patriotic as the next guy, but I deceived myself into thinking I volunteered to go into harms way out of my patriotism, but that wasn’t my real reason. I was motivated by the adventure of combat. What I found it is that there is no adventure in combat; only fear and death. Clouds hung heavy over our heads, adding to the anxieties of our first mission. Pete and I sat in the doorway of our CH21 Shawnee Helicopter, the precursor chopper to the Bell UH1 Iroquois, known as the Huey. The Huey later became legendary as it dominated the headlines and television as this mini-conflict in 1963 became a full blown war in 1965. Approximately a hundred Arvin troops jumped out of American made deuce and a half trucks and double timed into our makeshift airport that morning. Our airport looked more like an open field back home where rabbits scampered about. The Arvin’s split into smaller groups and began dispersing to their assigned chopper; ten boarded ours. We were told the Arvin’s were going to clear an area to the west of our base camp and my outfit, the 113th Aviation Battalion, were assigned the duty to take them there on a zig-zag route that would require an hour and fifteen-minute flight to an insecure landing zone. Our nine CH21’s, sometimes referred to as ‘The Banana,” took off and flew to the north for several minutes until we turned to the west and climbed to our cruising altitude just below the clouds. Our altitude would effectively keep us out of the range of small arms fire and Pete and I, naïve and rookies, enjoyed the lush scenery as we sat on an ammo box, holding on with one hand to our side-mounted machine guns. The landscape below passed by slowly; its extreme growth creating a canopy that effectively hid everything below it. Many years later Agent Orange would be used to eliminate that kind of a covering, but today it concealed everything including any VietCong or North Vietnamese forces that might have been under it. Approximately half-way to our destination the pilot came over the intercom. You've come across the enemy troops, so we go and kill them. Find their crystals and restore our God.-------I hope you like this game---- *Keep in mind, nominate and submit contest vote and most of all have fun with it.* any imporvement or suggestions please post.


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