Armada:Gates Open For Oblivion

By oggie77 :: Monday November 29th, 2010

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Welcome sargent... this is a brutel message from the S.A.C (Secretary Agents Clinic). We are sending this message from the opening gates of oblivion.Heres a qucik run-through of your mission:The base is going to be infiltrated you have to stop that from happening, you have to emerge in distand killing.You have the brains and you are medicly able to attempt the mission and most likely succeed,This is a mission and if you succeed you will be presented to the sargent of the universe and will be presented with a trophie saying (Worlds bravest man alive) Full run-through of the mission:Your uncle has been kidnapped and is being held under the gates of oblivion. We think that he wants you to help him, try to get past the highly skilled enemies in the first section of he map (Note: they are highly skilled in killing)They have designed them to kill anyone who walks near them or touches them, after you pass the enemies retrieve all the crystals to open the under-ground gates to save your uncle. Your uncle is very scared as told before so you don't want to freak him out more by jumping in under the gates of oblivion or the guards will jump up and frighten your uncle, be warned take it slowely, you have 5 lifes use them wisely. Good luck sargent! I hope you like my game thanks! I will be working on another armada which will be called Armada:Recreation Of Christ.


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