I Absolutely Love This Game!!!!

Review by oggie77 on Friday, September 3rd 2010

Well what should I start with, I honostly think this game is great fun and pretty challenging. This game would be suitable for all sploder players it is long, hard and puzzled journey before you can collect the crystal. He has got good enemy placement, and good amount of health. He has set up a big course of obsticals and puzzles for the players to get tricked by.

The goal to win the game is to get past all of the enemys and collect the crystal. But theres 1 thing, you cannot glitch out and win. Good playfield placement and an awesome game.


The enemy placement is good.

The map placement is good.

The amount of health is pretty decent.

The puzzles are pretty tricky, lucky not tricky enough to trick me. :)


The room of the play-field was pretty out of alinement and squishy.

The puzzles arn't that tricky. :p


Enemy placement: _______
Room: ______

Action: ********.

Lagg: **.

Health: ********.

Fun: **********.

Scenery: *********.

Overall score:


Nice score man.