Ilussionic Waves 2!!!!!! Um....

Review by oggie77 on Sunday, September 5th 2010

Note again:

-This is just going to be a short review but will be larger then the previous one.


This game was larger then the first one in the series, in my opinion I think the first one was much easier. Well the game states the obiously easy questions answer. (This game is larger, harder, more sufisticated, and most of all more fun). This game was really good and sufisticated as previously said, but it had some cons. This game was pretty boring, there was not much health but it was pretty action packed but after you kill all the enemies then you'll get bored I guarantee. After you have tried to play this game you will keep trying and trying till you successfully complete this game because it is very very very addicting.

The question is: Will this game be successful in the future or not:

-well many people have said yes but even more have said maybe but maybe not. In my opinion which is very honost is that this game has a very difficult structure to follow. But It will become successful in the future if sploder keeps up to date then we will have more and more players to view games which will make games have more views and will become more popular.



Enemy placement: _____/__________
Puzzle: ______/__________
Health: ______/__________
Fun: _______/__________
lagg: _/__________
Action: _______/__________


Overall score:


Good job vinnie, keep it up. I can't wait for the next one.


Illusionic waves 2- Reviewed by oggie77 on Sunday, September 5th 2010. Ilussionic Waves 2!!!!!! Um.... - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Illusionic waves 2-' by vinniepaz1234567. Rating: 3.5