Best Game I've Played This Week.

Review by oggie77 on Sunday, September 19th 2010

Well even though this game was released over 1 week or 2 weeks ago I only just tried to complete it.

Just some things I want to point out:

-This game is amazing.

-Not to detailed which is good.

-Good enemy placement.

-And awesome puzzles.

Pre Thoughts:

Well before I started this game, well before I even thought of making this review I was thinking wow this is hard because I don't know what game im going to review but then I said let's take a look at the featured list, and there it was. I clicked on it and I started playing it.

During Game Play:

During the game play I kept saying to myself in my head "am I going to beat this or not?" Then I said to myself "What the heck let's beat this game." Lol now is the funny part, when I was playing it I was so interested in the games thumbnail, and after a couple of goes at trying to complete the game I finally beat it but this is the funny part, I wasn't logged into my account. I was so annoyed. He had used a lot of different puzzles and an unusual playfield shape.

Things Vinniepaz Cold Have Added:

- More health.

- Better enemy placement.

- Newer puzzles.

- More of goals to complete the game such as: capture the flag and many more.


Fun: _________/__________
Lag: ____/__________
Puzzle: _________/__________
Enemy Placement: _______/__________
Health: ______/__________
Play-field size: ________/__________
Amount of Enemies: ________/__________

Overall score:


Last Words:

-Well my last words are just that vinniepaz has used an excellent amount of difficulty, puzzle, enemy placement and playfield size.

Good job mate.

Make sure you play the game and thanks for reading my review


Magnifying 5 Almost death Reviewed by oggie77 on Sunday, September 19th 2010. Best Game I've Played This Week. - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Magnifying 5 Almost death' by vinniepaz1234567. Rating: 4.5