2ND Degree!!!!!

Review by oggie77 on Monday, November 15th 2010
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2nd Degree is a game created by nzadamnz21

Note: This is my first platformer review so do not judge me if I get some things wrong.


I really liked the first game of the 2 degree sequal so I was looking forward to playing this game. Before I clicked on the thumbnail I realised that it looks pretty cool from just looking at the thumbnail. So I clicked on the game.

During game play:

During the game it was pretty intense knowing that the game is made by one of the awesomest gamers on sploder (in my opinion) and also knowing that the first game recieved loads of views and it is nzasplodez21's most viewed game. So I Just got rid of all my thoughts and just focused on the game.


I really liked this game because it is detailed and it is nicely set out. It is spacey and containes many traps, puzzles, enemies, boosts and most of all length. It is pretty amazing.

The game contains one of my favourite traps (since the new updates) which is starting on weak walls and having lava underneath the weak walls. So that made the game even more interesting for me.

The game is lengthy just the way I like games and is very tricky. I think it has what it takes to recieve more views then the first game.










Pretty much nothing.


Action: ____/_____
Fun: _____/_____
Epicness: ____/_____
Traps: _____/_____
Puzzle: ____/_____
Use of enemies: _____/_____

Overall rating:


Thanks for reading my first platformer review and I hope you liked it. Mor reviews will be coming soon.


2nd Degree Reviewed by oggie77 on Monday, November 15th 2010. 2ND Degree!!!!! - A game review written by oggie77 for the game '2nd Degree' by nzadamnz21. Rating: 4