Awesome Unleashed XD.

Review by oggie77 on Wednesday, January 19th 2011
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Awesome Unleashed is a game created by caniff

This game was requested by a member named caniff, I am thinking this game is going to be pretty good, by the look of the thumbnail, but we have to play the game to know what it is like.So lets play the game.

Game Play:

You start of in a box with a crusher along with an extra life, which is smart because if you get the extra life and get crushed and killed by the crusher you will get to the checkpoint and come back to life underneath the box with the crusher in it and you will be able to journey on with the game. This is a smart idea or puzzle in this game, i've seen it before but I see lots of puzzles in games that have been used before so it doesn't make a difference. After you have come back to life at the checkpoint make your way to the teleporter ti will teleport you to another part of the game. As soon as you get out of the teleporter you journey across the short strech of play-field and will find a pathway with water in it and it is leading towards two enemy's, this is a good idea, so you find a torch and kill the enemy's to get passed and continue the game. This is pretty ordinary so far. As soon as you pass the enemy's you jump over a block of floor and fall into a tunnel, follow your instincts and keep going the to the right. There will be tunnels that you will have to jump over to get to the other side so if you fall into a tunnel, continue over and over again to get out of the tunnel it is pretty easy you just need to jump high (just keep jumping), then you will find that there are around six ninja enemy's. That is heaps of enemy's. Al you do is just follow pathways you will find a stack of turrets blocking your way so you have to kill them, thi sis pretty annoying. Just keep killing the enemy's and win the game! Lolz this is a pretty annyoing game to review.


Caniff could have added more health and less enemy's to make the game even more possible.

Caniff could have added some more puzzles a traps to trick you into killing yourself.

Caniff could have added some more of a range of boosts/hazards to make the game more interesting a fun.

Caniff could have used more of a range of walls and decorations to make the game look better and make it more attracting.


Puzzle: The puzzle in this game was not to great but it was pretty good, Awesome unleashed was a fun game to play but a little annoying at times.

Enemy placement: The enemy placement in this game was not bad but it was not great but it was good enough to be a pro.

Enemy's and hazards: The enemy's and hazards used in this game was great it really made the game difficult.

Traps/Tricks: There was a decent amount of traps and tricks in this game.


Health and powerups: There wasn't enough health or powerups in this game, you just had to win without much health or power ups which is pretty boring.


Action: __/_____
Puzzle: _/_____
Enemy Choice: __/_____
Powerups: _/_____
Traps/Tricks: _/_____
Health: __/_____
Difficulty: __/_____

Overall Rating:


This game was a bit boring, annoying, difficult and full of action, this game deserved what scores it got and I hope that Caniff makes an Awesome Unleashed series. Keep up the work Caniff.



Awesome Unleashed Reviewed by oggie77 on Wednesday, January 19th 2011. Awesome Unleashed XD. - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Awesome Unleashed' by caniff. Rating: 2