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Review by oggie77 on Wednesday, January 19th 2011
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The Zero Project - Escape is a game created by paradon

Well this is my first review for the Brutally Honest Reviews thread in the community forum, I have to prove to my fellow reviewers that I am good enough and will stay with them along this long journey, there are 56 reviews already posted so I will make it 58 by the end of the day! I'm really phsyched about being a reviewer for this thread now I can prove to my mates that I have what it takes to be one of the best reviewers on the mainsite along with the rest of the amazing reviewes especially Empoleon, Spellmage and Bgscurtis. So it's up to me to prove to them that I am a brutally honest and harsh reviewer. So heres the review:

To start of the actual review i'm just going to run you over the game play and some of the good things and bad things in the game play. Well you start of with a bunch of pushers surrounding you with more pushers facing each way there is to go, but you will find that you can't get into most of the paths so you will find a pathway that you will be able to get through. (Pretty smart because you get tricked very easily with this puzzle!) You cannot journey through the game to make ti to the other side so you can continue on, you have to go right round the circle shaped playfield and then you may enter the pathway so you can continue the game. (It is a bit annoying because you will probably keep trying to get through every way!)I liked that part it was not that tricky but it probably would be tricky for new members. The game is very ordinary at the start. You go through a bunch of enemy's and annoying parts of the game which are not very interesting or amusing to me. The action is near, I can sense it. There are a decent amount of traps in this game I got trapped the first time I played it, so I had to refresh the page. After you have chosen the right pathway it will lead you to a packed space full of enemy's. Yo will find some health, blah, blah, blah... Well that is all I want to tell you, because I don't want to give the whole game away! This game has been very original so far, it has been boring, not as much action, I would expect more action from a game maker such as paradon the creator of The Zero Project - Escape. This game was constructive and creative.

I really liked how paradon has used an awesome amount of enemy's and placed them in a decent place that would suit them. The Zero Project - Escape was set out to be a very creative and pretty epic game, but it wasn't that good, some of you may say that I am being harsh, well I am going to e harsh with my reviews now and i'm going to be honest along with being concise, but I also have to be brutal, it's my job to be those things, back to the game review, this game was very difficult and full of puzzles, the puzzles in this game were not to difficult but not to easy it was a pretty good balance to put into a game. The games that Paradon makes are very prescice and perfect, including this game.

I can see that Paradon has put time and effort into this game and has spent heaps and heaps of his time on making this game prescice, perfect, action packed and difficult. This game has all of those things so I really think that this game is a really decent game! Paradon has set out enemy's everywhere even in places that are hidden so you don't know where they are! He has used a massive amount of puzzles, mostly old puzzles but some puzzles i've never seen before, the puzzles vary in difficulty, from easy to medium to hard. This game is just below hard. I like this game but it is pretty boring, and annoying, it is pretty repetetive with the pathways.

The Zero Project - Escape has many many traps and tricks in it, there are two known traps that I can tell you about which I will right now: There are three pathways two of the are traps if you go left or right you would have already fallen into the trap so I suggest you journey downwards. But the traps and tricks in this game was very very good, it didn't really help the game with its creativity because the trap is one of the oldest in the book if you get close to the pushers you will be pushed really fast into a space or area and you cannot get out even if you try to get passed the pushers to get back to the game playfield. You are just left in a plain space. The game is about being cornered and taken to prison and you try to escape, i've heard that before!


Paradon could have used more enemy's but made the playfield larger so the enemy's wouldn't be squished up against each other and you could easily glitch out of the playfield.

Paradon could have used more puzzles because the puzzles in this game were bad they where nearly all original puzzles, make sure you make and add some of your own puzzles or some new puzzles from new games that other members have published.

Paradon cold have added more of a range of different things to make traps instead of only having the pusher traps he could have used different ones such as a repeller or magnet trap?

Paradon could have used better enemy placment, instead of squishing the enemy's up he could have spaced them out and made it more difficult by adding less health but the amount of health in this game was fantastic.


Puzzle: The amount of puzzle used in this game was decent but not amazing nor awesome. But the puzzles where good enough to be a pro.

Puzzle Placement: Paradon has set the puzzles out in this game very good to be honest it was almost awesome. He used a great amount of puzzles in these spaces.

Enemy choice: The range of enemy's paradon has used in The Zero Project - Escape was not to bad but not to good, it was decent but decent enough to be on the pros list.

Boosts/Hazards: The amount of boosts and hazards used in this game where great it was just enough to help you beat the game easily and the placement of the boosts and hazards was also good.


Playfield size: The playfield size was horrible (im sorry but it was) just for the first half of the game but the rest was an okay amount of playfield size.

Enemy placement: The enemy placement was surprisingly bad the enemy's where all squished up together and it was very hard to kill them while trying to not glitch out of the playfield.


Action: ___/_____
Puzzle: __/_____
Puzzle Choice: ___/_____
Enemy Choice: __/_____
Enemy Placement: _/_____
Health: __/_____
Lag: _/_____
Difficulty: ___/_____
Length: ___/_____

Overall Rating:


I'm not sure if I should round the 2.2 up to a 2.6 or down to 2.

Last Words:

Well I just want to give a big thanks to Empoleon and the rest of The Brutally Honest Reviews squad for letting me be a reviewer for them. I hope you like the review Paradon and Emp. Nice game and it was a bit annoying and boring so I gave it a 2.2, because it was really annoying!

This has been a Brutally Honest Review


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