[BHR] I Have High Hopes!

Review by oggie77 on Thursday, January 20th 2011
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High Hopes is a game created by brocky

This game has been requested by one of my best friends named Brocky, in the Brutally Honest Reviews thread in the community forum. I have kindly accepted the request for my buddy so yeah, let's see what this game has to offer!

Game Play:

Well first of all I'd like to run you over a brief amount of game play and what the good things about the game play and puzzles I find and the bad things about them aswell. Well first of all you start of in a weird looking room, you will have to get your ally and push it into a invisibility power up and you shall get an invisibility power up aswell. as soon as you both have the invisibility you will have to push your ally into the doors because you cannoit fit in to push the door and unlock it. After you have passed through that old puzzle, you have to simply go through the purple teleporter. simply kill the enemy's in the checkered designed box and make your way through the playfield. You

ll be to find two rocks next to each other and you'll have to strain your brain in finding a way to get through them because it is that tight. Just go up into the rocks and then point your cursor/mouse pointer at either side of the rock and let out a mini bot. it will push you through the rocks. You'll end up in a room with trees and four green switches. That's all i'm going to tell you because I don't want to give the whole game away and tell you how to complete every puzzle. But the game play is great as far as i'm concerened.

I really liked the puzzles and the creativity of this game it really combined to make this game epic sauce. Honest to god it was great. It was consistent and a little bit repetitive with the checkered rooms, first the ice polygon checkered room then the hot polygon checkered room. But that doesn't matter much at all, it didn't really effect the game in any way as far as I can see. Well I can see that Brocky has put alot of effort into High Hopes especially the High Hopes series, he has spent lots of time on these fantastic game and i'd like to see one or two more high hope games or another game created by Brocky! He has really put loads of brain straining effects into this game including the good and bad enemy's and the enemy placement.


I really think that Brocky could have added more enemy's to make the game more difficult and brain straining.

Brocky could have used more puzzles in this game and he could try to use some new puzzles or even better make up a puzzle or two of your own.

Brocky could have used more health in this game, so ti would be easier for members to complete it without having to constently look at the health bar.

Brocky could have added more traps and tricks to help you through the game easily and also make you fail the game, that would have been really good if he had used way more traps and tricks.


Action: The action in this game was decent, High Hopes really showed that Brocky put lots of effort into this game and has tried to make it action packed for members to keep trying over and over to complete the difficult game.

Puzzle: The puzzles he has chosen in this game were not bad but not good, he has used many many old puzzles and one of the oldest puzzles in the book.

Puzzle Placement: The puzzle placement in this game was alright but not to good but not to horrible. It was slightly good enough to be on the pros list. Brocky has placed most of the puzzles in prescice places for members to be able to complete the game.

Enemy choice: The enemy's that brocky has placed in this game was terrific it was pretty good, it was near great. He has used nearly all of the enemy's on the enemy and hazards list on the game creator.

Enemy Placement: The enemy placement was good, it wasn't horrible or great but ti was just in the middle. He has placed the enemy's in the correct area for the enemy's to have a chance of killing you if you make the wrong move.

Difficulty: This game is very difficult, only one person has completed the game and that person is rule60. Brocky has used the enemy's and traps to make the game really difficult.


Lag: There was lag in this game which made it ordinary and boring , just think of sitting there and waiting for half a minute just to continue the game. But on fast computers it wouldn't be laggy, but on my computer is was laggy.

Health: There wasn't a real good amount of health in this game, which made the game near impossible, but it is possible since rule60 has beaten it.


Action: ___/_____
Puzzle Choice: __/_____
Puzzle Placement: _/_____
Enemy Choice: ___/_____
Enemy Placement: __/_____
Health: _/_____
Difficulty: ___/_____
Brain Straining: __/_____
Lag: __/_____

Overall Rating:


Last Words:

I really enjoyed playing this game it really made me think of what a great game maker Brocky is, but it also made me think this game was horrible in some parts. So thanks for reading the review.

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High Hopes Reviewed by oggie77 on Thursday, January 20th 2011. [BHR] I Have High Hopes! - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'High Hopes' by brocky. Rating: 3