[BHR] The Warrior Doesn't Go To Heck.

Review by oggie77 on Sunday, January 23rd 2011
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The warrior goes to Heck is a game created by mbradyb

#4 of my [BHR] reviews.

Firstly i'f like to point out that this is going to be a relatively short review due to the game being horribly short, easy, un-organized and repetitive. This game was requested by mbradyb in the Brutally Honest Reviews discussion in the Sploder Communtiy Forum. Go post your games in there but read the rules first which are on the first page. If you don't read the rules you will be banned for a certain amount of time.

Game Play:

The game play in this game was horrible, it was very very easy to jump over the enemy's and traps. This game was very very very short in length, it isn't even long enough or good enough for a REAL mainsite review. I'll run you over the game play now, well you start of with nothing surrounding you except for a ladder and a like rectangle or square shaped box of lava, there is no point in that. Simply climb the ladder and you'll find that there is wall, then three floors spaced out with weak walls at the end of the floors the floors are spaced out so that you will possibly fall into the lava and die. but if your smart you will jump over the spaced. XD. This is so not a fun game it is horrible. Just jump down and kill the enemy, grab the power ups kill the rest of the enemy's then you have to go into the escape pod to win the game. so this game was definently horrible this was one of the most non exciting game i've ever played. The enemy placement was horrid, as you can see mbradyb has just throw some enemy's here and there. I wouldn't just put enemy's here and there, i'd use enemy placement to help my game have a nice touch to it.

This review has been short due to the length of this game and how un-epic it was


Action: 0/5.

Length: 0/5.

Enemy Choice: 0/5.

Enemy placement: 1/5.

Traps: 1/5.

Puzzles: 0/5.

Power Ups: 1/5.

Overall Rating:


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The warrior goes to Heck Reviewed by oggie77 on Sunday, January 23rd 2011. [BHR] The Warrior Doesn't Go To Heck. - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'The warrior goes to Heck' by mbradyb. Rating: 0