[BHR] Defeating All Enemy's.

Review by oggie77 on Tuesday, February 1st 2011

#5 Of my Brutally Honest Reviews.

First of all this game was requested in the Brutally Honest Reviews thread in The Sploder Community Forum from a member by the name of jawfatchristophe, I played the game and then I decided to review the game. This game looks pretty ordinary and awfully easy. But we have to see. If you want to have a game of yours reviewed, go to the Brutally Honest Review thread in the Game Sharing category, make sure you read the rules and the first post before posting a game.

Game Play:

I'll run you over a brief amount of game play or maybe the whole games game play if it is short. Well you start of in a box blocked off with meltblocks, there will be a flamethrower which you will use to melt the blocks to reach the next part of the game, choose wisely on what you are going to melt, because you have to remember that there is only one flamethrower that you will have at that time of the game. Pretty ordinary huh... You just simply have to keep moving across melting the blocks then you will soon find a door with a ninja behind it, obviously kill the ninja, and then melt the blocks AGAIN. You'll find a thug behind ANOTHER door, this game is very very repetetive. As you journey along the stretch of melt blocks, flamethrowers, checkpoints, and extra lives you will soon find a mongol, what do you got to do now? OBVIOUSLY kill the bloody thing. This game is really getting on my nerves, but it is my job to review games like this. You'll soon find yourself killing an archer, bloody archie is strong you will probably die and then you'll have a change at pwning it. Well I can't tell you the rest of the game play because ti will give the game away and the game creator jawdatchristophe probably won't like me telling you guys the whole game.


Enemy choice: The enemy choice in this game was pretty out of the ordinary, jawdatchristophe has used every single enemy as far as I know in this game.

Action: You have to put action into the pros section because he has used every enemy in the platformer creator.

Difficulty: The difficulty in this game was obviously high, because of all the enemy's in the game.


Lag: The amount of lag in this game was horrible, I really didn't like it that much.

Possibility: This game was not possible to complete, which also made the game terrible.

Enemy placement: In this game jawdatchristophe made the enemy placement terribly bad, the enemy's were placed here, there and everywhere.


Action: _/_____
Fun: _/_____
Addictive: _/_____
Lag: __/_____
Puzzle: _/_____
Traps: _/_____
Difficulty: ___/_____

Overall Score:


Last words:

Lastly I'd like to tell jawdatchristophe to make his games better and not just walk through games such as this one on how to kill all enemy's.

This has been a [BHR] reviewer.



Defeating All Enemies Reviewed by oggie77 on Tuesday, February 1st 2011. [BHR] Defeating All Enemy's. - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Defeating All Enemies' by jawdatchristophe. Rating: 1