Nightmares Are Real (NAR) By Omega.

Review by oggie77 on Sunday, April 24th 2011
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Nightmares Are Real is a game created by omega

Well hello people of sploder...I havn't reviewed a game in a while, I thought I should write a review so people will know that I do review games. Lol if that makes any sense at all XD. Well I chose this game because it is an epic game, it is a platformer game by omega. It is called Nightmares are Real. You should play it it's epic, awesome, fun, adventureous, and exciting.


Author: Omega.

Creator: Platformer.

Time beaten: I havn't beaten it yet, i've got far.

Game Play:

During the game play I saw a lot of great puzzles and traps in this game. I'll run you over a brief overview of NAR (Nightmares Are Real). It is set out in a Nightmare hense the name of the game. You start of in a dark, creepy and dangerous chamber type thing, You have to make your way out of the chamber by killing enemy's completing puzzles and making your way through traps. Well you start of in a chamber, you will have to rely on TorchLights and TikiTorch's to guide you through the chamber. you will come across lots of bats, thugs, snarley's, and many other enemy's. As you journey through the game you will find that there is some scenery that will keep you amused throughout the game. Omega has used heaps of the platformer items in this game. He has used enemy's and Hazards to help make traps and puzzles, this is a really fun game so far. You will find yourself making your way through a lot of the first level of the game. I'm not going to give anymore hints away about the game anymore. So lets get onto the rest of the review.


The first level didnt have much action in it. There was a few good parts in the first level but the other levels had the best action. The action sequences where great throughout the game, they really made the game stand out.

Power Ups:

There was not a gigantic amount of power ups used in this game, there was a great amount of power ups used in this game. Omega has used the appropriate amount of power ups in this game. He placed them in placed where you only needed them.

Puzzles and Traps:

This game had a lot of puzzles and traps in it. Some of the puzzles and traps where easy and some of them where hard to get past. The puzzles where ordinary but there is a pretty good amount of great puzzles in this game. The traps where not to great, they where okay but not the best.


The placement in this game was awesome. The enemy placement was great when you came to an enemy sequence or just an ordinary enemy fight. The puzzle placement was fantastic, it really made the game fun and exciting.


This game is set out in a nightmare. It is supposed to be dark, creepy and adventurous. It is a really cool game.(If you don't know why the name of the game is Nightmares Are Real then you will find out if I get omega's permission to post it, then I will) This game is fun and awesome. It is set out in a Nightmare as I have stated before. This game has a really good storyline.


-Action: The action in this game was fantastic it made the game fun and exciting.

-Puzzle and Traps: The puzzles and Traps in this game where amazing, it really made the game amusing and addictive.

-Challenge: This game was challenging because there was very little health, but that also increased the rate of this game being epic.


-Health: The amount of health was not good.

-Scenery: There wasn't a great amount of scenery throughout the game.


Action: 6/10.

Puzzle: 8/10.

Traps: 7/10.

Power Ups: 5/10.

Enemy Placement: 7/10.

Placement: 7/10.

Health: 6/10.

Overall Score:


Feature Worthey: Yes.

Last Words:

Well this game has really reached my expectations, it was actually better than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed this game. Also I highly highly recommend playing this game.

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Nightmares Are Real Reviewed by oggie77 on Sunday, April 24th 2011. Nightmares Are Real (NAR) By Omega. - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Nightmares Are Real' by omega. Rating: 4