[OR] One Mine Blowing Game If I Can Say

Review by okkeny on Sunday, August 14th 2011
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Impulse: Go is a game created by lcraniuml


Well this game is one of the game in the very famous Impulse Series created by lcraniuml one of my greatest friends. There have been screen-shot on the forums and all sorts of things to advertise this game so lets get our hopes up :)


This game is awesome. Probably one of my favorite. This game represents and introduces many great mind blowing puzzles and traps for a ship creator. Such as some with the wonderful nitro acid and just plain shooting enemies. At some parts in this game it may look easy and open but there are some trick up lcraniuml's sleeve, trust me. That's really it for the summery let's move on.

This game has great designs, plans, plots and more. Coloring goes great and is also used in some of the other Impulse series games, which I find to be very cool. Sometimes the designs may look cool but when you see that they are not in favor you start hating ;). So that sums up the design, lets move to puzzles and traps shall we?

The puzzles in this game are absolutely OUTRAGING. Many different types, designs and plots coming right at you. That is something to always expect from all of lcran's games, you can't argue with that. I love the puzzles with nitro because one wrong move and you won't be satisfied with the results. The traps with nitro are great as well.

That's it for puzzles, I can't wait for creativity.

The creativity and thought put into theis game is great because it's not just out there it all fits in and comes together greatly one by one sometimes close together and other far between a few hallways with some enemies. The creativity put into this game is also one very special thing to be looking for in the impulse series because you just never know what's going to come next.



The design in this game was great and well put together therefore it receives a wonderful 8.5/10


Nothing ever stays the same in the Impulse series, and I mean never. This game was full of it so it deserves a great 9/10

Enemy Placement:

I didn't manage to get to a point with many enemies but from what I saw in some places of interest I think a 7.5/10 is suitable for this game.


This game is the greatest in fun, however if you get to a point you can't get passed you may get less excited, but that's just how the Impulse series works. 10/10 Definitely.


This is the key ingredient to this awesome game. it wouldn't be the same without the puzzles. So I say a most deserving 10/10 is Awesome for this game.

This has been another [OR] review. Check in for more, and a great job to lcraniuml on this game.