Someone Stole My Coins

Review by omega on Sunday, February 3rd 2013
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Coin Quest is a game created by superpiggy

Ohai fellow Sploderians, I'm here to review a Retro game by the name of Coin Quest by Superpiggy. As you guys may notice this is my 3rd review; Long story short, I only review games I find review-worthy. This is one of those games.

It's no secret that Piggy is a good game maker. Many of his platformers are featured, one even getting into the Epic Game Library. Seeing as the new creator is still fresh out of the box, I'm not sure what the standards are exactly, but I've seen some neat games released so far, and this is one is one of those neat ones. I saw his thread on the forums about spending an hour on a single stage, and it might've been on this game, I'm not sure, but I could see why. Some of the stages for this game are really good, and have somewhat of a challenge to them. It's also not too hard either; Hard enough, but not impossible. Stage 1 of Level 2 had me trying it over and over because of a stubborn water spout and mushroom. Let's break down the rest of the game, shall we?


The controls for the Retro creator are pretty simple, which make playing the games made with it easier to handle. This game has some tough spots you have to use some timing along with skillful movements (mainly the second boss for this).


The Retro creator is somewhat limited in scenery at the moment, but Piggy managed to make this game look good nonetheless. The forest stages look really like a forest, but I do think, however, the first level could've had some less stuff; it looked kind of crowded.


I don't have very many suggestions for Piggy here, maybe a life at the start of the second level, but other than that; it's good enough.



-Neat level designs

-Good enemy placement

-Good health pick-up placement

-Hidden areas

-bleep reference


-1st level looked sort of crowded

-Lack of extra lives in later stages

-Was kinda short

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Final Verdict

A good game from the new creator. Well made, and fun. Deserving of its feature. Keep up the nice work, Piggy!


Coin Quest Reviewed by omega on Sunday, February 3rd 2013. Someone Stole My Coins - A game review written by omega for the game 'Coin Quest' by superpiggy. Rating: 5