Zombie Defenders By Cartoonguy

Review by opengangs on Tuesday, December 16th 2014
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Zombie Defenders is a game created by cartoonguy

Zombie Defenders is a wonderful survival game. The rush derives from shooting zombies that progressively get much harder as the game continues, and it is a unique concept that hasn't yet been as successful as this. Wave by wave, you are put through a horde of zombies that have one simple goal: To kill you. With enough patience, this game is a blast.

From the title screen, you get a feeling of what the game will be like through its use of zombies and stones. You are put through different areas, and more zombies appear as you advance to the next stage. With this in mind, you are given more ammo.

The controls are simple. Click to shoot. This is a great thing as it's easy to remember, and it doesn't cause much strain for the player to remember.

The scenery was amazing. Cartoonguy made it appear 3D to give the game a more realistic look to if it was a 2D flat game. This really made Zombie Defenders interesting, and unique.

Unfortunately, the gameplay itself was the only major let down. It was too repetitive. The gameplay was only "shoot the zombies to prevent them from killing you". I was getting bored from time to time because of how the levels were constantly similar to the one before.

Zombie Defenders was a great game and really sparked a PPG comeback. From its uniqueness, and creativity, Zombie Defenders was a game to remember. It's a shame, too. The game has been concealed down below the newer games, and only the true game adventurers could only find this game.

The Good

Creativity, uniqueness, and concept makes this game a wonder.

The scenery is great. Not the best, but it shouldn't be doubted.

The controls are simple and easy to pick up.

The Bad

-Insufficient variety of gameplay makes Zombie Defenders a bit too repetitive.

Final score: ___.5/_____

Well done, Cartoonguy.


Zombie Defenders Reviewed by opengangs on Tuesday, December 16th 2014. Zombie Defenders By Cartoonguy - A game review written by opengangs for the game 'Zombie Defenders' by cartoonguy. Rating: 3