By oramis :: Monday March 16th, 2009

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So far there was a war between humans, Ninjas, and Thugs. So far the humans have fallen but one last of them survived- You. But it went from bad to awful! Ninjas and Thugs joined forces but also the last ones of Dragons have appeared! it's up to you to get the precious ancient crystals so you can earn a living in a free country. TIPS: 1. Don't kill off every single enemy, It's Capture the Crystals game! 2. Ninjas balcony can make a clean getaway 3. Before killing the boss capture the key and look for secret areas with bonuses that need this key. 3. After you got the Dragon key use it to get to the negotiation area within the Thug fortes. 4. There's a secret Dragon auction; if you want you can steal the items from it! 5. Try to get the enemies to fall in their own traps.


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