By paq :: Wednesday October 21st, 2020

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Sploder has been a great experience for me, a notable piece of my childhood that I will never forget. This will be the last game I ever make on this website before it shuts down, in honor of all the good times that I had here. Creating this game brought back so many memories, the music, the puzzles, and fellow creators. This is heavily inspired by Black Widow by YoungCaliman, for those who may remember. Sploder may go away, but the community will live on. I have transitioned through a few accounts, but I have known this site for over 10 years. Before this account, I was known as spencerrocks but I decided to change to paq. I'm happy to chat with any old members who might've known me, my name is "Spencer Twitchell" on youtube, you can find me there. But for now, enjoy this last puzzler I have created!


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