By passiveaggresive :: Thursday July 26th, 2012

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This is NOT my first game, nor did I intend it to be a game. This is just a test I am using to try out the shooter creator. Please post your feedback, and no matter how critical you are with me, I'd love to hear it anyways. Thanks! Note: I will delete advertisements on any of my games. Please do not advertise, and when posting feedback, be realistic. Things like "This is too hard. MAke it easier" or "Impossible" will be deleted. I don't care about your opinion about difficulty. I just want to know how good my first shooter is. I will not make it easier, if anything I will make a hard mode. No, I am terrible at shooters. I have not tried it at all, but by the value of other shooters I know that this game is not impossible.


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