Cops Robbers: Dark Dawn Demo

By passiveaggresive :: Saturday May 11th, 2013

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NOtE- This demo only has 3 out of the (Insert number over 20 here) missions that the full game will have. I plan this to be a summer break- long- or- longer project, and it will most definitely take a while. I may or may not update the demo, even if it is buggy. I know that you can get stuck out of the play field, but I acknowledge this and understand that it is a kink that needs to be smoothed in the full game. -(DESCRIPTION 4 REAL)- It's been 3 years since the last call. And this time, the enemy has more than what anyone could imagine. With this power, they seek to start a nuclear war. However, just re-promoted to squadron leader, you embark on a quest like no other... Not really, it's nothing you haven't done before.


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