Goodbye. Love Peanutgirl

By peanutgirl :: Thursday January 17th, 2013

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Hey everyone, it's Peanutgirl. I have recently had trouble with thinking of ideas for games, and every idea I had was already someone else's idea. And I also have more important things to do in the real world. Just a message I'd like to quickly say to all people that date on Sploder: Your l0sers. Sorry, but it's true. Your not confident enough in the real world to ask someone out, so you just type 'I love you' with hearts on other peoples pages. By the way, BLOCKHEAD AVATARS can't be cute, hot or pretty. So get over it (That is mostly meant for YOU, Kayla2012. If I were a mod I would IP ban you.) :/ I am planning out something for a boy (IN REAL LIFE!) for Valentines Day. So all you 'Sploder Daters' grow up and get your crush something sweet. Therefore, I can't come to Sploder anymore because I have a life outside of Sploder. Goodbye, love Peanutgirl.


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