By pedr0 :: Monday July 12th, 2010

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I am Kevin. I was in a war, fighting for the US Army, but I was having bad luck. The Irans kept pushing the front lines at pretty soon they joined forces with the Iraqs. Now the fight has been taking over in the US and we fought in the White House, where the bad luck happened. I took any gun I found and aimed at several people I THOUGHT where Iraqs or Irans. But I shot the president and vice president . My forces saw and hunted me down as the most wanted man EVER. Luckily, I ran away unhurt. Then, I took a fake mustache and some dirty clothes and put them on me(where I found near an old trashcan. I changed my named to Pedro and since I was 17, I transferred to a school in Indiana, after traveling for a few months. I went for president for the school and put up signs that said: VOTE 4 PEDRO!


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