Butter's "minecraft", And How A Game Can Get Featured Simply For Humor

Review by pepperedsteak on Monday, February 20th 2017
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minecraft is a game created by boytucker

Marvelous day, gents. It’s pepperedSteak here with my second review. Today we’ll be reviewing “minecraft” by Boytucker, a game which is under heavy fire as of late. Boytucker is a well-known user on both the forums and the mainsite. Over the years, Boytucker (we’ll now start calling him Butter) has been praised for his comedic, light hearted games that required little to no effort to create whatsoever. That all changed when Butter released his game “minecraft”, which combines both his signature humor, as well as an ingenious story only the true greats could think of. So anyway, it’s review time!

First Impressions

When I first saw the thumbnail in the featured games section, I thought to myself, “Hmm? Butter got a game featured? This should be interesting.” Upon opening the game, my eyes softly adjusted to the bright and cartoony visuals. I noticed something from that point; the humor from the beginning on makes this game truly unique and it’s possibly one of the reasons it got featured in the first place. Progressing through, that theory seemed to hold up very well.


The artwork in this game is something truly unique. It mixes in cartoonish visuals with a type of graphics you only see being made in the deepest, darkest points of Sploder. It seems from my perspective he tried to make a game version of his world-renowned comic, “le boof”. This is seen in just about every level in minecraft. As I had said in First Impressions, minecraft had a wonderful display of bright, cartoony colors that seem to lighten up the atmosphere more than just a little bit. The artwork is something you’ll never see in another platformer.


Surprisingly, there’s not much to say here. The gameplay of minecraft is just like your average platformer (as you’d expect), yet has some quirks here and there. The style of levels is a great representation of this. For example, the first level has you going through your “house” (if you can call it that), and having a conversation with your dad about how “ur garbage”. Avoiding the fact that this prime example of child abuse goes unnoticed, in the next level you fight a boss without any context of why you’re fighting it.

The levels are very short in length, with difficult boss battles being one of the main focuses of minecraft, as well as the art style and humor, which blend together perfectly. It seems the main enemies of minecraft are pirates, as seen in later levels after you go to the moon. But then again, just your average platformer in the Gameplay department.


minecraft’s difficulty is hard and challenging, to say the least. The first few levels aren’t that hard, save for the boss battle in the second level. Just a few enemies scattered here and there. But that all changes once you go to the moon. The difficulty from here on out is quite hard, with enemies almost everywhere you go. The boss battles are... hard, to say the least. But once you’ve done them over and over like me, they prove to be easy, once mastered. But alas, the constant swarming of enemies in other levels can be extremely difficult for platformer novices.


minecraft’s atmosphere is quite adequate. As I had said in artwork, the bright colors and interesting graphic style are very unique. They also form an essential part of the atmosphere. Colors aside, the overall feel of the game is unique as well. Mixing in almost everything we’ve talked about is what really forms the atmosphere, difficulty included.


The music choice in minecraft fits the humor and art style perfectly, with commonly used songs like “I Was Mario’s Tash”, and “Calypso Theme” being used for (most likely) comical reasons. Other than that, the music fits perfectly with the setting of minecraft, and the comical music just spicing the humor up even more.

Ratings and my Final Thought

First Impressions- 9/10

Artwork- 10/10

Gameplay- 7/10

Difficulty- 8/10

Atmosphere- 9/10

Music Choice- 9/10

minecraft is a great game, and I don’t see where it could’ve been improved based on the style of the game.

Overall- 52/60

This was a hard review to write, but I’m glad it’s finally over. pepperedSteak out.


minecraft Reviewed by pepperedsteak on Monday, February 20th 2017. Butter's "minecraft", And How A Game Can Get Featured Simply For Humor - A game review written by pepperedsteak for the game 'minecraft' by boytucker. Rating: 4.5