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By physchotic :: Monday November 22nd, 2010

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Well, the cold hard truth is that the majority of former game players won't be able to solve this game. It is meant to be challenging, puzzle-wise. But, if you think it isn't beatable, then kill yourself and, you'll see my name on the scoreboards. It took a lot of time to create.---------------------------------You woke up bleeding, you could tell that your heart was slowly fading down. You where shot by who knows, last night. You made the mistake of walking alone. So, now you are here to suffer the next night. You can hardly breathe... You can hardly speak.... And, you are completely angered at the world. This dreadful person must have wanted something that you money or something that drives this world crazy. Neverless, you are at no choice but to find that scum...and kill him, as he tried to do to you. The suffering ends today my friends....


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