Im Still Here

By pieman224 :: Wednesday April 15th, 2020

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I'm surprised some people were still here on my last game! Thanks for responding, guys. The clock keeps ticking to the end of Sploder, yet I have a hard time finding time for it. I've been working on my new game, Streets of Rage, off and on for months. I plan to get it done for you guys. It'll probably be my last game, but it'll be my best. A true culmination of my work. As for what's going on with me, I've been doing my college classes online because of the Coronavirus. My major is undecided, and I don't know what to pick. I have to choose by the end of the semester. I'm having a hard time finding some career or discipline I'm interested in, and I'm worried. Anyway, thanks for checking out the game again. Leave a comment, and I'll definitely reply. I'd love to reminisce with you! Really! Leave a comment!


Tags: confusing

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