PieMans Level 250 Celebration

By pieman224 :: Saturday September 20th, 2014

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*"We are the Champions plays" ... I am finally level 250! I'd like to thank all of my fans, I never could have got here without you! I'd also like to thank LegoMan224 (brainfrezze) for showing me Sploder.. Also, Geodesogner because he is the bestest friend a guy could have. Geoff, because this website has become a passion of mine.. Thanks to anyone else I am forgetting. ALSO, this game is a tribute to all of my friends that have passed.. Foxythefox, Legoman234, Magners, Thegoldking, Axiadin, (the original) Shwite19, MooMooCow172, and many others! Thanks for helping me reach this all-time goal of mine! Be ready for new games I am coming out with, because everything else was just me getting warmed up...


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