Streets of Rage

By pieman224 :: Friday August 14th, 2020

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PLOT: A massive crime syndicate has taken over the city. They have infiltrated the government and police. You left the force because it became corrupt. Now, you are gonna find the man responsible: the crime lord, Mr. X. Do you have what it takes to clean the streets of rage? CONTROLS: W-Right Punch Up-Left Punch Left and Right-Horizontal Movement Up and Down-Vertical Movement Mouse-Drag Objects CREDITS: Thank you to all of my supporters on Sploder. Everyone on the forums has been real great. There have also been many great people who came and went during my 9-year time here. Thanks for the memories. As always, leave a comment; I love to talk. Here's to EGD 2020! (PS: Let me know if you beat the game).


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