UNFINISHED PieMan the Movie Remake

By pieman224 :: Saturday May 23rd, 2020

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Hey everyone, PieMan here. It's been about another week since my last game, and I wanted to have something for you to play. This is another of my unfinished games. I started to work on this back in 2014. It was a remaster of PieMan the Movie, one of my most popular games. For years, everyone asked for a new one or Part 4. I never made it, as I planed an improved remake of the first three. It's a shame, however. I never finished it, but it was almost done. Whoops. Sorry I never finished the movie. But still, thanks for the continued support. Streets of Rage is coming along well. Check out the link for some screenshots: http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,344784.0.html


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