Mighty Covenant

By pigro :: Thursday August 12th, 2010

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You've been digging some diamonds while a spirit grabbed your hand you didnt see anything you just vanished your way through the ground when you opened your eyes every of the solid rocks tree's werent moving the planet was paralysis! There was no air but you still could breath all that was moving was your enemies why do you think you always get in trouble.. the true is they want to bring you to the final platformer which they are planning to make now and kill your soul they want to invade the world with paralysis and why you were so scared beacuse it was the future! He can't belive this is gonna be the future the next day is never gonna come tree's wont move there would be no air just what the professor said he was right all you have to do is destroy there base and get the 2 Diamonds that they've stolen..


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