By pingping4069 :: Sunday September 7th, 2014

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The story of Torn: One day, John was drawing a bunch of random sketches for his art club tomorrow. He wanted to draw about platform games. So, he drew a character, the platform and some hazards to avoid. And then, John was thirsty so he went to the kitchen to make himself lemonade. While he was gone for a while, all of the tools and even the drawings come to life. Scissor, the enemy, always wanted to cut off his drawings. Scissor managed to cut the drawing into 4 and when John comes back to continue his sketching, he got disappointed because he has to do his sketching all over again. Because the landscape are cut into 4, the world inside the drawing is starting to fade and disappear. The player has to escape the world before he got faded with the landscape too.


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