The Stars Of War:1.5

By pinkfong :: Thursday November 26th, 2020

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Welp I made The Stars Of War 1 stupidly laggy. As a apology this shall be 1.5, welp here's the story! After the battle and freeing K'tat, you as the New commander of the 20th division, you were summoned to the enemy outpost of Arangol, a planet plagued by their corrupt government the Neo-Gantios. Your troops were summoned to support a revolution currently going on. You were assigned gathering supplies at a small outpost deep in enemy territory, then escort a convoy holding weapons to the cause. It is advised to pick up some armor in a small scout camp then maybe get many supplies in a enemy base. After collect a crystal and bring back a moral flag to your base and burn BURN BURN THEIR FLAG. Uh hum sorry but go do your mission.


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