By pizzaman1 :: Sunday November 14th, 2010

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At Camp Green Lake, survival is key. If you can't dig holes, you won't survive. "Five foot wide and five foot deep" Mr Pendanski would remind everyone as they began their digs every morning. Basics are essential, luxuries - forget about them. Yellow spotted lizards are always a danger. As are rattlesnakes. If you don't harm a creature, it won't harm you... Usually. If you step on a rattlesnake, you won't die... Usually. But if you meet a yellow spotted lizard, you die a slow and agonizing death... Always. You've been at camp now for well over three months. Your hands are blistered and you're as red as a tomato. Sweat drips into your hole and your dry, parched throat is nearly as dry as the tough, crusty layer of sand, where the sun had caught it. you've decided that you've had enough. You dig down further into your hole and discover a small purple ball as you cautiously climb downwards. After ten or so minutes of digging, you find three more. 'These may come in handy for my escape', you think to yourself, as you place them inside the pocket of your orange work suit. "Argh!" You shout as you come across a yellow creature. "Oh no... Oh no!" It's a yellow spotted lizard. You're chances were always pretty low, but you didn't expect to encounter a deadly lizard this early into your travel... *Continued on my thread*


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