My tips for making a game

By pizzaman1 :: Sunday November 30th, 2008

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make a game

1) NEVER EVER use the stupid maps they have give you. Be creative. 2) Try not to make it impossible. You will more than likely get hate comments bad tags and 1 star ratings. 3) Challenges: Make it as hard as you can for the people who play the games, not impossible but tough enough for a player to think "Hey, thats a great game, I'll rate it 5 stars and give a positive comment!" 4) Make tributes to people (me!) You will easily get friends and you may even get a tribute to you! 5) Make the backgroung stand out and suit your game. If its a christmassy game, don't make the sky red! You won't get far! 6) Like the tributes, comment on other games that arent yours, you may get a comment on your games! 7) (liv33vil sent me this one!) Take your time on your games, go back and improve them, look at liv33vil's special red dragon game! It must've taken years! The more time you spend on games, the more views you're likely to get! 8) Get some surprises in your games! eg. Tanks under obstacles, hidden, pink things on teleporters so you can't get back, crystals under enemies and so on. 9) If you can make an art game or 2. You may get the odd negative comment or two but it'll be worth it when you see all of the votes, comments and views! 10) Finally, give it a catchy, snazzy name that people like. Unless you are stuck for names of couse! Ok, hope they helped you!


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