Mario kart Maker Early demo

By platinumgames3 :: Tuesday February 19th, 2019

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Hello! Its-a Mario kart, but-a this time, YOU get to build the tracks and place-a-da obstacles! To use pieces, you must first click on the piece you wish to use, then press space to create the part. then place it where you want! The two black rectangles are road pieces. top is horizontal, bottom one is vertical. The checkered rectangle is the finish line; place it at the end of your track. The coin is, well, the coins. place wherever you feel like. the spike and green rectangle are road hazards, and will slow Mario down. to test out your track, click the steering wheel, then use arrow keys to steer and Z to accelerate. Have fun creating!! (NOTE: this is an early version of this game and as such, is full of issues. firstly, there is no way right now to 'Beat' bowser. you can reach the thing first, which should end the game, but bowser can never win,[sorry bowser :( ]. also, there are a limited amount of track pieces to use. the next version of the game should have much more content, such as a water level, city level, and a bowsers castle level, each with different track parts to use to make interesting layouts. I deffinetly plan on making more racers and have them be able to 'win' thus making it possible to 'lose'. I would love feed back from you guys so I can find new ways to improve this game. thanks for playing!)


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