Ozzy Osbournes Recording Studio

By pollarpart :: Monday June 29th, 2009

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You Find Ozzy Osbourne's Studio! And you see two guards (Thugs) guarding the door so you decide to try to bust in. Once you defeat the guards you will gain a key to open the door. Then Next, You decide you want to meet Ozzy! But before you meet him you see two producers (ninjas) arguing and you decide to take them out and get the key to Ozzy! So next you get to Ozzy Osbourne while he is recording Crazy Train! But Ozzy, (Thor) wants you out of his studio and so do his band members: (ninja on drums) and (lizard on guitar). So you get very angry and kill them too. Then you are still angry and get a key from Ozzy and Find A room filled with cash and you rob him! :) Thanks and I hope you like My game!


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