A Land Of Challenges And Wonder.

Review by potatomash on Thursday, June 13th 2013
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Black Mamba is a game created by jmc10


Jmc10... To be honest, I don't know him that well. But, I know that he's pretty good at creating platformer games. The game that I'll be reviewing today is called Black Mamba. The title sounds pretty cool. Oh and by the way, Black Mamba is one of Jmc10's featured plaformers, so my expectations are pretty high. The thumbnail of Black Mamba doesn't look like anything too special though. I wonder... Does this game really deserve its feature? Well, lets find out.


So, the goal of Black Mamba is to simply collect a crystal and get to the door. The crystal can easily be located once you start the game. Once you take a few steps away from the starting point, its already there. Explore the map a bit more and you'd find the level door too. But sadly, the crystal is blocked my a meltblock. So, I guess finding a flamethrower to melt the block is an easy task, right? Well, it's not. You have to go through a lot of puzzles and traps before you're able to grab that flamethrower. Getting to the level door seems like a bigger challenge though. A cinderblock, a cavein and three key doors are blocking your path to victory. Every twist and turn in this game can either help you or kill you. Jmc10 wrote this in his storyline: "Your very mind fled into a land of challenges and wonder that you had to complete to live." He wasn't kidding. Black Mamba may look simple at first, but its not.

Dam, wrong move. Dammit, it's a trap. Dam... I'm able to discover so much new ways to trap my character while playing Black Mamba. This game is extremely difficult with all the puzzles and traps scattered throughout the map. One wrong move and its all over. You really have to think first before making a move. Sadly, I really don't think before I act. I'm that kind of person, and because of that, I end up refreshing the page over and over again because I am amazingly able to trap myself within a few moves. There's an inscription in the game that says "think." I ignored the warning, moved on and then found myself stuck in a trap again. Becoming trapped and refreshing the webpage seemed like a never-ending cycle. In the end, I wasn't able to finish Black Mamba, but I got pretty far in the game.

Everything was placed excellently, from the hazards to the switches, it's marvelous. The switches were placed in the best locations, one wouldn't be able to easily get to a switch without thinking, same goes for the keys. The hazards were placed very nicely, one of my personal favorites would be the crusher under the ramp tiles. Some objects were just placed there to confuse you, I liked that. However, I would have preferred more enemies since I honestly wanted to see more action in this game. Feels a bit boring every now and then just solving puzzles. I also think that Jmc10 should have added a little more health in Black Mamba. I think that a game is more enjoyable if it isn't too difficult, because majority of the users who play wouldn't be able to finish the game and they would just simply give up. But, it was also fun solving the puzzles and which switch opens what in the game.

The design of Black Mamba is pretty plain and dull to be honest. The game doesn't look too tedious, it looks simple. A bit too simple in my opinion. Simplicity isn't a bad thing, but too simple is pretty boring in my opinion. Some decorations placed in the game look out of place, for example, the large back walls, the rock piles, and some of the statues, they look randomly placed and messy. The design of Black Mambad isn't too appealing or amazing in my opinion, the design was pretty sloppy. The storyline's pretty good, it isn't used, it isn't too new either.

The puzzles and traps of Black Mamba are excellent. The puzzles in the game really makes you think, and the traps are difficult to avoid. The puzzles were amazing, they remained consistent, along with the traps. But, in my opinion, the game had too much puzzles and traps. It felt overloaded, my brain also felt overloaded while playing. But, I like how most of the puzzles are new and unique, but some puzzles were already used. But, just because a puzzle is used doesn't mean it's a bad thing. In my opinion, it's alright to have used puzzles, but it's also good to have new puzzles, something new and unknown. The puzzles and traps in this game in my opinion, are what made the game stand out. I'm pretty sure that they're the main reason why Black Mamba was featured in the first place.


-Amazing puzzles and traps

-Does not lag (in my case, I guess.)

-Excellent placements


-Design is lacking

-A bit too difficult for most


Creativity: ___/_____

To be honest, the design of the game is too simple for me. The puzzles were pretty unique though.

Placements: ____.5/_____

Simply excellent placements, a bit more health and enemies would make it a bit better though.

Addictiveness: _____/_____

Really addicting, no matter how many times I lose in the game, I keep trying again and again.

Difficulty: ___.5/_____

A bit too difficult, but I guess you could still say that it's just right at the same time.

Overall: ____/_____


I guess I'll answer that question I asked myself earlier,"Does this game really deserve its feature?" I would say yes. It may have its own ups and downs, but overall, Black Mamba is a really impressive work. I may not really 'love' every aspect of the game, but it certainly deserves a spot on the Featured games page. Great job Jmc10, I'll be looking forward to your future game projects.


Black Mamba Reviewed by potatomash on Thursday, June 13th 2013. A Land Of Challenges And Wonder. - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Black Mamba' by jmc10. Rating: 4